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Clinical Sciences

Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

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Professor Tsushima Yoshito
Associate Professors Higuchi Tetsuya
Nakajima Takahito
Associate Professors Taketomi-Takahashi Ayako
Assistant Professors Miyazaki Masaya
Shibuya Kei
Hirasawa Hiromi
Tokue Hiroyuki
Katsumata Natsumi
Kodaira Sayaka
Tomonaga Hiroyasu
Kumasaka Souma
K Achmad A.P

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Research & Education

Research content

We aim to develop advanced, cutting edge medicine.
1) Developing new imaging technology using CT, MRI and US
2) Developing techniques for disease diagnosis using morphologic and functional imaging
3) Elucidating pathology using imaging techniques
4) Radiologic analysis of phyisiological function (functional imaging)
5) Minimally invasive therapy using interventional radiology
6) Developing new radiopharmaceuticals for PET and general nuclear medicine examinations
7) Developing novel tumor specific radioisotope therapy techniques using radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies

Business education

1) Imaging diagnosis (4th year)
2) Radioisotope therapy (4th year)
3) Radiation basic medicine (3nd year)
4) Clinical rotation (5th year)
5) Clinical rotation (6th year)

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Clinical Activities

We perform nearly all imaging examinations (CT, MRI, US, nuclear medicine, PET) in this hospital. We also perform therapy using angiographic and other imaging techniques (interventional radiology), and are especially active in therapy of liver tumors and many emergency interventional procedures such as those for angioplasty and gastrointestinal hemorrhage. CT guided biopsies and radiofrequency ablation for lung, bone and liver tumors are also part of interventional radiology. Radioisotope therapy is another part of our work. We have an outpatient clinic and inpatient ward for patients referred to us from outside institutions for interventional procedures, specialized imaging diagnosis, or radioisotope therapy.

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Citizenship Activities

Open Film Conference (OFC)

CT/ MRI research meeting

Gunma IVR meeting

Gunma MR medical research meeting

Gunma Nuclear Medicine research meeting

Clinical imaging diagnosis discussion group

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1. Professor Yasuhito Sasaki (1985-1991). Later Professor at Tokyo University. and Chairman of National Institute of Radiological Sciences.

2. Professor Keigo Endo (1991-2010). Currently President of Kyoto College of Medical Science.

3. Professor Yoshito Tsushima (2011-present).