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Clinical Sciences


Our specialties are an urinary tract and a male genital organ. We treat prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular malignant tumors and perform renal transplantations.

1. We take a central role of Japan in basic and clinical studies of prostate cancer. The studies such as the screening for prostate cancer, early detections of prostate cancer, familial prostate cancer and the gene analysis of prostate cancer have the results.
2. We perform laparoscopic surgeries actively for upper urinary tracts, and increase the number of endoscopic surgical skill qualification system: qualified urologists. Robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy are performed, too.
3. We have clinical systems for living and cadaveric renal transplantations.
4. We have specialized outpatient clinics, such as infertility treatment, voiding dysfunction, urinary tract infection, sexual function and urinary calculus.
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Professor Kazuhiro Suzuki, PhD
Associate Professor Yasuhiro Shibata, PhD
Associate Professor Hidekazu Koike, PhD
Yoshitaka Sekine, PhD
Associate Professor
(heavy ion medical center)
Hiroshi Matsui, PhD
Assistant Professor Masashi Nomura, PhD
  Seiji Arai, PhD
  Takahiro Syuto, PhD
  Yoshiyuki Miyazawa, PhD
  Hiroshi Nakayama
  Tomomi Saito
  Masanori Aoki
  Akira Otsu

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Research & Education

Research content

1.Basic and clinical studies of endocrine secretion in prostate tissue
2.Clinical pathological and gene analyses of familial prostate cancer
3.PSA screening for prostate cancer
4.Basic research of lipid metabolism in prostate cancer
5.Basic research of apoptosis-associated molecules in prostate cancer

Business education

We are involved in collaborations, and give guidance of research approaches about following themes.

1.Basic research of prostate cancer ①endocrine secretion within tissues ②lipid metabolism ③gene analysis ④apoptosis-associated molecules
2.Large multicenter collaborative trials of screening for prostate cancer
3.Basic and clinical studies for diagnosis and prognosis factors of prostate cancer
4.Learning of basic information and clinical management about renal transplantation
5.Learning of clinical and basic information about surgery and chemotherapy for testicular tumor

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Clinical Activities

We have out-patient clinic and 40 hospital beds in Gunma University Hospital. There are 50-100 out patients per day. We have specialized outpatient clinics, such as prostate, bladder tumor, renal tumor, testicular tumor, renal transplantation, sexual function and voiding dysfunction. Cadaveric renal transplantations are performed under Japan organ transplant network.

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Citizenship Activities

The screening for prostate cancer was started in the runup to other universities in 1981. We collaborate local public administrations, and hold some training workshops about the screening for health nurses. Our longtime contributions were evaluated, and Dr Yamanaka, the sometime professor of our department, got “Asahi Cancer Award” in 2003.

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1: Arai S, Shibata Y, Nakamura Y, et al. Development of prostate cancer in a patient with primary hypogonadism: intratumoural sterdoidogenesis in prostate cancer tissues. Andrology 1:169-174, 2013.

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9: Arai S, Miyashiro Y, Shibata Y, et al. Effect of castration monotherapy on the levels of adrenal androgens in cancerous prostatic tissues. Steroids 76:301-308,2011.

10: Morikawa Y, Koike H, Sekine Y,et al. Rapamycin enhances docetaxel-induced cytotoxicity in an androgen –independent prostate cancer xenograft model by surviving downregulation. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 419:584-589,2012.

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The first professor: Keizo Shida (1961-1983): He started the basic research about DHT and 5 alpha reductase. The second professor: Hidetoshi Yamanaka (1984-2004.03): He studied screening and early detection of prostate cancer, and analyzed the clinical features of familial prostate cancer. The third professor: Kazhiro Suzuki (2004.04-): He studies molecular biology of prostate diseases. Gene analysis, lipid metabolism and endocrine secretion within tissues of prostate cancer are ongoing.

Meeting hosted by our department: The 69th Annual meeting of the Japanese Urological Association (1981), The 33th Annual meeting of the Eastern Section of Japanese Urological Association (1968), The 4th Annual meeting of the Preventive Nephrology and Urology (1995), The 63th Annual meeting of the Eastern Section of Japanese Urological Association (1998), The 20th Annual meeting of the Preventive Nephrology and Urology (2011), The 13rd Annual meeting of Kanto Hormone and cancer society (2013), The 35th Annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Andrology (2016), The 18th Annual meeting of Hormone and cancer society (2017)

Main award:Medical Award of The Japan Medical Association (1980, Keizo Shida), Asahi Cancer Award (2003, Hidetoshi Yamanaka)

Research performance:Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, cancer research grant, a principal research scientist (2000〜, Hidetoshi Yamanaka)