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Clinical Science


Department of Anesthesiology has been working on perioperative patient care. Recently, the responsibility is expanding in complicated pain management, intensive care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Research topics of our department are also corresponding this trend and are extending from pharmacology and mechanism of anesthesia to pain conducting mechanism. Staff members are working on these topics clinically and experimentally by using most brand-new and innovative approaches.

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Professor SAITO Shigeru
Associate Professor ASO Chizu
OGINO Yuichi
SUTO Takashi
Assistant Professor MIEDA Rie
HIROKI Tadanao

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Research & Education

Research content

Current research activities of our members are summarized as follows:
1) Analysis of anesthetic action on intercellular and intracellular signal transduction
2) Pharmacological analysis of neuropathic pain models
3) Vascular responses evoked by non-adrenergic non-cholinergic transmission
4) Actions of anesthetics on growing and regenerating nervous system
5) Multi-modal therapy for peripheral circulation

Business education

Educational activities of our Department is consists of college students education, graduate school research, clinical bed side teachings for medical students and residents.

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Clinical Activities

Management of high risk surgical patients complicated with severe pulmonary and/or circulatory diseases has been studied, jointly with our affiliated educational hospitals. Especially, systemic and brain circulation in surgical patients who have complications in circulatory and/nervous systems, has been extensively studied using echocardiography, trans-cranial Doppler flow meter and electroencephalography computer analyzer. In the management of chronic pain, analgesic drug tests and neurological examinations are carried out for the differential diagnosis. In addition to the pain management, sudden hearing loss, facial palsy, facial spasms and peripheral vascular diseases are treated with nerve blocks combined with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Brand-new therapies, such as high-concentration tetracaine nerve block, botulinus toxin injection, thoracic endoscopic sympathectomy, CT-guided nerve blocks and autologous bone marrow implantation for ishcemic limbs, are routinely used for patient’s care.

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Citizenship Activities

Our Department works on patients care and clinical research jointly with our affiliated educational hospitals. Local clinical conferences and research seminars are scheduled regularly. Training courses of basic life support for citizens are programmed on requests. Some of our trained members medically support outdoor events in extreme environments

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Fibromyalgia rapid screening tool (FiRST) を使用した顎関節症と線維筋痛症の鑑別 – 顎関節症群から線維筋痛症は detect できるのか –
ペインクリニック 2017; 38: 653-58.

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History of the Department of Anesthesiology of Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine:
1964 Department of Anesthesiology started the service
1966 The first professor (Prof. Tatsushi Fujita) was inaugurated
1971 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy unit was installed
1972 Painclinic section started in-patients care for chronic pain patients
1979 Intensive care unit was installed
1996 The second professor (Prof. Fumio Goto) was inaugurated
2007 The third professor (Prof. Shigeru SAITO) was inaugurated

Organized meetings:
The 29th annual meeting of The Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists(1982)、
The 8th annual meeting of The Japanese Society of Resuscitology(1989)、
The 25th and 33rd annual meetings of The Japanese Society of Painclinicians (1991, 1999)、
The 10th annual meeting of The Japanese Society of Shock Research(1995)、
The 23rd annual meeting of The Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine (1996)、
The 25th annual meeting of The Japanese Society for Pharmacoanesthesiology (2003)