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Medical Neuroscience

Human Pathology

Since Professor Sadao Kawai, the founder of the Department took up his office in 1943, the Department of Human Pathology is consistently engaged in the research and education of human pathology, and brought up many researchers, pathologists and clinicians who are familiar with human pathology. Professors Yoichi Ishida and Yoichi Nakazato, made neuropathology, particularly brain tumor pathology a specialty in the Department. This tradition of the brain tumor pathology is still inherited by the Department. The main project of the present research is the pathological analysis of brain neoplasms using morphologic, molecular biologic and genetic methods. We are contributing to making the pathogenesis of the brain neoplasms clear and the improvement of pathological diagnosis. The Japanese Brain Tumor Reference Center which has been installed in our Department since 1996 functions as the collection facility of cases of brain tumors, and the diagnostic center for consultation and clinical research as well. Several graduate students always enroll in the Department. The policy in the Department is ” the harmony of members and spirit of searching for truth “.

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Professor Hideaki Yokoo, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor Sumihito Nobusawa, MD, PhD
Research Associate Nozomi Matsumura, MD, PhD
Chiaki Murakami, MD, PhD

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Research & Education

Research content

・Pathological and molecular genetic investigation of brain tumors
・Analysis of transgenic rats prone to brain tumor
・Production of antibodies to nervous tissue antigens and its application to the diagnostic neuropathology
・Studies on pathogenesis and pathology of neurodegenerative disorders
・Pathophysiology of immune cells in the central nervous system
・Clinicopathological study of systemic organs

Business education

1. Lectures on Biomedical Science 1st grade students.
2. Lectures and practice on Basic Pathology for 3rd and 4th grade students.
3. Practice of Surgical and Anatomic Pathology for 5th grade students.
4. Lectures on Applied Pathology for 6th grade students.

We are educating the basic and applied human pathology and neuropathology through lectures, seminars, and practices. For higher grades students, advanced research guidesand paper writing seminars are given on the man-to-man basis.

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Clinical Activities

Surgical pathology
・ Diagnosis of biopsy and surgical specimen.
・ Diagnosis of cytology specimen.
Anatomic pathology
・ Autopsy diagnosis.

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Citizenship Activities

・The management of the Japan Brain Tumor Reference Center.
・The consultation for the pathologic diagnosis of brain tumors.
・Diagnostic service for clinical and therapeutic researches.
・The sponsorship of scientific meetings and seminars: 17th Annual Meeting of Brain Tumor Pathology in 1998, Gunma Seminar on Brain Tumor Pathology in 2000, 45th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Neuropathology in 2004, and so on.
・The establishment and publication of the classification of brain tumors in World Health Organization and in Japan.

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・The Department of Pathology was established in 1943 by Professor Sadao Kawai.
・The first autopsy was performed in 1947.
・We sponsored 25th Tokyo Meeting of Pathologists in 1953.
・The name was changed into First Department of Pathology in 1954 because Second Department was established.
・Professor Kawai delivered Honorable Special Lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pathology in 1963.
・We sponsored 8th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Neuropathology in 1967.
・Professor Kawai retired, and Yoichi Ishida, M.D. became the 2nd era Professor of the Department in 1976.
・We sponsored the 20th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Neuropathology in 1979.
・We sponsored the first Meeting of Japan Brain Tumor Pathology in 1983.
・In 1990, Professor Ishida retired, and Yoichi Nakazato, M.D. became the 3rd era professor. We sponsored Biwako International Symposium on Brain Tumor Pathology.
・In 1996, Japan Brain Tumor Reference Center was established and the office was installed in our Department.
・We sponsored the 17th Annual Meeting of Japan Brain Tumor Pathology in 1998.
・We sponsored Gunma Seminar on Brain Tumor Pathology in 2000.
・The name was changed into Department of Human Pathology in 2003 since Graduate School of Medicine was established in 2003.
・We sponsor the 45th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Neuropathology in 2004
・In 2013, Professor Nakazato retired, and Hideaki Yokoo, M.D. became the 4th era professor.
・We sponsored the 70th Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pathology, Kanto Division in 2016.