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Clinical Sciences

Clinical Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine play an important role in current Evidence Based clinical Medicine. The research in the Department of Laboratory Medicine by medical doctors and medical technologists is focused on the study of clinical markers for various disorders, including endocrinological and metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, immunological disorders, infectious diseases, and malignancy.

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Professor MURAKAMI Masami, M.D.,Ph.D.
Associate Professor KIMURA Takao, M.D.,Ph.D.
Associate Professor TSUNEKAWA Katsuhiko, M.D.,Ph.D.
Assistant Professor KOISO Hiromi, M.D.,Ph.D.
KATO Toshimitsu, M.D.,Ph.D.
YOSHIDA Akihiro, M.D.,Ph.D.
AOKI Tomoyuki, M.D.,Ph.D.

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Research & Education

Research content

1) Clinical significance of antipituitary antibodies
2) Study on the mechanism of thyroid hormone activation
3) Study on the clinical marker of atherosclerosis
4) Study on the genetic and molecular analysis
5) The role of active oxygen and free radicals
6) Study on the mechanism of drug resistance of bacteria
7) Clinicocytological research on early detection of lung cancer and education of specialist of clinical cytology
8) Clinicocytological study on borderline malignancy and pseudomalignant tumor

Business education

On lectures in the faculty of medicine, we give an outline of the principles of laboratory tests, clarify the role of laboratory medicine in medical treatment and introduce how laboratory tests is performed, and then explain how to make an appropriate choice for laboratory tests, how to interpret the data and important notices for getting exact data, presenting cases. In the course of health science, we give clinical practices in the laboratory of Gunma University Hospital and try to improve students’ testing techniques. In the postgraduate course, lectures are focused on measurement of microsubstance in vivo, biochemical tests, measurement of antibodies, genetic tests and Clinicocytology. In seminars, you read literatures and papers concerning these subjects and we guide you in research procedure. In practices, we explain the principles of experimental methods and we coach you in techniques. We also teach you to analyze and evaluate the data, and then we guide you in writing a paper.

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Clinical Activities

Laboratory tests are used for the detection, diagnosis and follow up of the various disorders. Automated laboratory testing is performed using the automated sample transporting systems. It is necessary to perform quality controls to obtain precise and accurate results. Naturally carrying out internal quality controls, we actively practice external quality control survey in Gunma Prefecture. We participate in the hospital infection control program through the laboratory tests for bacterial and viral infection. Pathological diagnosis of surgical specimen and cytopathological diagnosis are performed.

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Citizenship Activities

Until now, values of laboratory tests and reference intervals are different between the laboratories. Consequently, interpretation of results by the clinicians remains difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to further standardize sample handling and assay methods. Project of standardization of six enzymes(AST・ALT・LD・ALP・CK・γ-GP) in Gunma Prefecture began in April 1, 2002. We participate in this project with other 12 medical institutions.

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Jul,1973 Dr.Tanami was inaugurated as Director of Clinical Laboratory Center/Professor of Department of Laboratory Medicine
Feb,1978 Dr.Joshita was inaugurated as Vice-Director of Clinical Laboratory Center/Assistant Professor of Department of Laboratory Medicine
Apr,1978 ・Dr.Ushijima was inaugurated as lecturer of Department of Laboratory Medicine
・First student entered the postgraduate school of Laboratory Medicine
May,1989 Dr.Kobayashi was inaugurated as Director of Clinical Laboratory Center/Professor of Department of Laboratory Medicine
Jun,1990 The chair of Laboratory Medicine was established
Apr,1997 Dr.Kobayashi was inaugurated as Director of Gunma University Hospital
May,2001 Dr.Murakami was inaugurated as Director of Clinical Laboratory Center/Professor of Department of Laboratory Medicine
Feb,2002 Measurement of blood rheology by MAC-FAN was started
Jun,2002 Examination and consultation for outpatients began
Aug,2011 Dr.Kimura was inaugurated as Associate Professor of Department of Laboratory Medicine
Aug,2011 Dr.Sumino was inaugurated as Associate Professor of Clinical Laboratory Center