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Biological Regulation


Neurons are connected via synapses to form neuronal circuits in the brain. The final goal of our laboratory is to understand how the brain works as a complex of neuronal network. Particularly, we are interested in the molecular mechanisms that govern synapse formation and elimination during development. We use state-of-the-art imaging technologies using both electron and light microscopy for describing the whole wiring diagram of the brain (connectome). We also put efforts on the development of new imaging tools. We use these newly-invented tools not only for the analysis of the brain but also for other organs to shed light on a new aspects of biological phenomena.

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Professor Hirohide IWASAKI, Ph.D
Assosiate Professor Tohru MURAKAMI, MD,Ph.D
Lecturer Yuki TAJIKA, Ph.D
Assistant Professor Sotaro ICHINOSE, Ph.D

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Research & Education

Research content

1. Morphological analysis of neurons and glial cells
2. Molecular mechanism of synapse formation and elimination during development
3. Description of the whole wiring diagram of the neuronal network (Connectome)
4. Vesicle transport in skeletal muscle and other organs/tissues.
5. Exploration and functional analysis of novel cell adhesive molecules during early development in zebrafish
6. Development of the new system of anatomy education

Business education

(Undergraduate education)
1. Gross anatomy (Lecture and training)
2. Histology (Lecture and training)
(Graduate education)
1. Anatomy B
2. Anatomy (basic)
3. Anatomy Methodology
4. Anatomy Research
5. Department of Anatomy LectureⅠ
6. Department of Anatomy Seminar
7. Department of Anatomy Technical Course

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Clinical Activities

(No clinical assignments)

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Citizenship Activities

1. Providing postgraduate educational opportunities of anatomy course for medical doctors.
2. Providing opportunities to observe dissected human bodies for students of healthcare professionals.
3. Providing opportunities for high school students to experience research activity in the laboratory during Brain Awareness Week.

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Professor and Main Research Project

1. Prof. Akoyoshi Takisawa(1952-1983)
Gross anatomy

2. Prof. Harunori Ishikawa (1983-2001)
Cell biology of cytoskeletons.

3. Prof. Hiroshi Yorifuji (2002-2018)
Cell biology of skeletal muscle.

4. Prof. Hirohide Iwasaki (2018- )
Cell biology of the central nervous system and neuroanatomy.