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Basic Medical Sciences

Neurobiology and Behavior

We teach pharmacology and neuroscience to medical students by lecture and practical training. Higher brain function including emotional behavior, learning, and memory is highly-developed in human. In addition, this function is the last frontier in the scientific field. In the medical sciences, neuronal and psychiatric disorders are ones of the most important academic fields. In our department, we seek to know the molecular mechanisms of the neuronal network formation, plasticity and maintenance regulated by “genetic information encoded in DNA” and “environmental learning information”. Thus, our goal is to understand the brain machinery integrating the signal pathway from genes to animal behavior.

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Associate Professor HANAMURA Kenji, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor YAMAZAKI Hiroyuki, Ph.D.

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Research & Education

Research content

Higher brain function including the emotional behavior, learning, and memory is highly-developed in human brain. In addition, this function is the last frontier in the modern world where the rate of scientific progress is accelerating. In our department, we are studying about (1) the molecular mechanisms of dendritic spine morphogenesis, (2) the role of cytoskeletons in the synaptic function, (3) the brain dysfunction such as those observed in Alzheimer’s disease, mood disorder, and schizophrenia caused by synaptic dysfunction. We study the above field with multidisciplinary techniques; such as the molecular and cellular biology, electrophysiology, behavioral analyses, pharmacology, and imaging-based techniques using a variety of materials including primary cultured neurons and gene-knockout animals.

Business education

(School of Medicine)
Pharmacology and Neuroscience (lecture and training), Medical and scientific writing (training), Writing of Tutorial Medical Paper (training), Basic Medicine Traning.

(Graduate School of Medicine)
Neurobiology and Behavior (lecture and training), In vitro neural monitoring training course (lecture and training), Technical Course for Live Imaging (lecture and training), Basic and clinical neuroscience lecture series (lecture), education of research (two graduate students)

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Clinical Activities

(no clinical assignments)

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Citizenship Activities

We help the organization of Brain Awareness Week (2000~) and Gunma prefectural Chuo secondary school. In addition, we help the foundation of KITA-KANTO BIO-FORUM to contribute to society.

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Tomoaki Shirao came to Gunma University as professor from Keio University School of Medicine, Department of Physiology and Kensuke Hayashi was transferred as Research Associate. They started the research of drebrin in neuronal dendritic spine.

Yuko Sekino joined as Research Associate, and started to analyze the signaling flow of a local circuit in hippocampus. Satoshi Tanaka entered as graduate school student.

Hiroyuki Yamazaki joined as graduate school student.

Kensuke Hayashi moved to Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation (Gunma University) as Associate Professor, and Yoshiko Saito joined as Research Associate

Yuko Sekino was promoted to Assistant Professor. Yoshiko Saito moved, and Jin Minghao and Satoshi Tanaka were adopted as Research Associate.

Jin Minghao moved, and Hiroyuki Yamazaki took up his new post as Research Associate.

Yuko Sekino was promoted to Associate Professor.

Organizational affiliation was changed from “Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, Gunma University School of Medicine” to “Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine”. Satoshi Tanaka moved, and Kenji Hanamura joined as Research Associate.

Yuko Sekino moved to Institute of Medical Science (University of Tokyo) as Associate Professor, and Nobuhiko Kojima joined as Assistant Professor.

Hideto Takahashi joined as Research Associate in Education and Research Center of Graduate School of Medicine.

Nobuhiko Kojima was promoted to Associate Professor.

Kenji Hanamura moved, and Yuta Ishizuka joined as Assistant Professor.

Noriko Koganezawa joined as Assistant Professor in Education and Research Support Center of Graduate school of Medicine.

Nobuhiko Kojima moved to Faculty of Life Sciences (Toyo University) as Professor.

Reiko Roppongi joined as Assistant Professor.

Reiko Roppongi moved, and Kenji Hanamura joined as Assistant Professor.

Yuta Ishizuka moved, and Noriko Koganezawa became Assistant Professor in Department of Neurobiology and Behavior.

Kenji Hanamura was promoted to Associate Professor.